About Us


Founded in 2011, Admaker Productions is a family owned, full-service in-house Music and Video Production Company serving corporations, small businesses and individuals in the Arts and Entertainment Industry.  We thrive on helping companies and individual brands establish themselves in the right marketplace.  Whether you want stunning commercials, intelligent infomercials, creative music videos, enlightening documentaries or a Reality show, we will take your idea or concept and create something innovative and compelling.  We can write, choreograph, coordinate and produce your project from start to finish.  Our Atlanta based creative team and video production crew is among the best in the business with over twenty-five years combined production experience.


Commercials & Infomercials

Commercials and infomercials done right can dramatically increase your bottom line, improve your company’s performance and advance your position in the marketplace.  We employ staff writers who have created intelligent commercial content for many years.  Let us take your idea to a whole new level and make sure your brand gets the best exposure.  We’ll provide the music, lyrics, script, production and editing services to ensure success.

Video Productions

When you have an idea, visual representation is the best way to bring it to life.  We will assist you in writing and developing your script or you can tell us what you want, and we will create and present it to you for your approval, whether you’re producing a music video or a corporate training video.

Music Productions

We have a recording facility suitable for all types of music production.  We have provided music for movies, commercials, documentaries and other projects.  Whether you’re in need of film scoring, brand jingles or a documentary theme we’ll be here to guide you through the process and offer an expert opinion as well as equipment and production services.


Our production staff has spent quite some time traveling.  We’ve captured footage in all kinds of places.  We can bring documentary filmmakers the best kind of equipment and production value.

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