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Admaker Productions started in 2009 with a team of professional and skillful individuals with more than 25 years of production experience. Since the beginning, we have produced professional, high quality videos for  our clients. Whether it's a new commercial, promotional product video, music video, documentary, corporate video, or other video venture, we've used our top writers, editors and videographers to ensure  positive results and a successful investments for our clients. 

We thrive on helping companies establish themselves in the right marketplace. We will take your idea or concept and create something innovative and compelling that will truly make people pay attention. We're a little different from most video production companies, as our specialties lie in all types of video productions. We can write creative scripts for your commercial, create the perfect music to sell your product or service, or help you shoot an entire nature documentary. 

Admaker Productions is a family-owned and operated business from Norcross, Georgia. We treat every customer just like they were part of our family, which is how we have become a highly recognized name in the "video production Atlanta" industry. While multiple companies offer similar services, nobody can do it all for a better price. Contact us today to schedule an appointment we're ready to help expand your business with HD online and television videos. 

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Admaker Productions is a subsidiary of Admaker USA Inc.
Operating out of Norcross, Georgia:  Serving the Corporate & Advertising Industry. 

Services includes: 
Commercials, Corporate Videos, Music Videos, Documentaries

Converting the Concept
Bringing the concept to life is a major part of what we do for our
Clients. Whether we are working with a small to mid size company, 
or a Fortune 500 company, our emphasis has always been the same when it comes to the production of the product and that is to make sure the deadlines are met and customer satisfaction is given the highest priority.  "It's what we do, and we're good at it".

Your next commercial or video project should be as improtant to you
as the success of your company is, you can't afford to risk it to just anyone. Admaker Productions can and will be with you from start to completion to ensure the highest quality is being rendered for
delivery.  We offer affordable Video Production in Atlanta, Georgia.
Let's talk about the Concept, Creative writing, Vision and Production Capability. 
Understanding and finetuning your targeted market is crusial if you are to have any impact in the
marketplace. Creating the Ad, and the perfect music to help sell your product is exactly where
Admaker Productions can and will be instrumental in making your commercial a success.  
Commercials done right
can dramatically increase your bottom line. We can help, give us a call today.
Enter the marketplace with
confidence, we've got you covered. When you are ready
call Admaker Productions 
for your Video Production
needs,  It's what we do.
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